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001. Happy Poop Icon

Happy Poop Icon And here we go again. Two years ago, I embarked on a project that I dubbed The Year of Icons. The challenge was simple. Design one icon every day for the entire year. And the best part? I actually managed to do it. I took 2014 off, but am back again for the challenge.

The rules remain the same, but the icons will be different. Last year, all of the icons needed to match Symbolicons Block in style (they're all available for download at This year, I'm going to be a bit more freeform. Color will be introduced, and I'll try to make mini-sets available more often. Wish me luck!

First up... a happy poop icon. Because, well, why not? It's a reminder to always look on the bright side of life. Oh, and here's a great little history about the icon in question.

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