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003. Band-Aid Icon

Band-Aid Icon I don't know why, but one of the things I loved most about my original Year of Icons project was the randomness. You never knew what the icons would be from day to day. Heck, I never knew. I'm hoping to continue the trend this year. Poop one day, citrus the next. And while I'm sure I'll stick to small runs of common themes at some point this year, right now I'm basking in absurd pairings.

Today's entry features the everyday hero of your first-aid kit, the band-aid. I could have used the term adhesive bandage, but discovered that band-aid is now considered a generic trademark. So, although Band-Aid® is registered to Johnson & Johnson, the term has become so common to describe any adhesive bandage (or even "temporary fix") that it is now genericised.

Fun stuff!

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