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James Bond Icons: Licence to Kill Icon

When I was nine years old, my parents brought my brother and I to the movie theater. I forget what movie they were taking us to, but I remember that we had absolutely no interest in it. Instead of forcing us to watch the movie they wanted to see, my mom led us to another theater. I'm paraphrasing, but she said something to the effect of:

You'll like this. It has secret agents, explosions, and really cool gadgets.

In other words, everything a nine year old boy finds exciting.

The movie playing that day was Licence to Kill, and was my introduction to James Bond. In the weeks that followed, my brother and I fervently rented as many 007 movies as we could get our hands on at the local video store. Sean Connery was always my favorite. My brother preferred Roger Moore. But Timothy Dalton was the first actor I saw portray James Bond, and for that I am in his debt.

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