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017. On Her Majesty's Secret Service Icon

On Her Majestys Secret Service Icon

James Bond Icons: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Icon

The biggest challenge with making these James Bond icons is that the movie titles are often ridiculous. Multiple uses of the word "die", variations on "live", not to mention the often loose connection to the movie's actual content.

This mini-theme in the year of icons started as a fluke. As the year progresses, I number each icon to help me keep track of how much time has passed, and how much time is left to go. And since there are usually 365 days in year, I started the practice of using three digits for my numbers (001, 002... 364, 365). Two years ago, when I realized the seventh icon was going to be written as 007, I knew that it absolutely had to relate to James Bond. And so it did, albeit a little abstractly.

This year, I knew I had to keep up the tradition. And so, when icon 007 rolled around, I created a James Bond-themed icon. That icon was for the movie Goldfinger. A mere second after that, I had the brilliant thought to create an icon for every James Bond movie title. A mere second after that initial mere second, I regretted the choice; the title On Her Majesty's Secret Service had materialized in my brain.

Though the icons I've been creating this year lean a bit more towards illustrations, they are still icons. They need to be as simple and concise as I can make them. How on earth was I going to make On Her Majesty's Secret Service simple and concise?

Thankfully, the entire conceit of this project-within-a-project was based on a play on words, on a literal interpretation of the title Goldfinger. And even more thankfully, I have a wife who is very good with words, and very good with puns. Since "her majesty's secret service" is MI6, she reasoned, all I'd need to do was show MI6 being on. And so I did. Literally.


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