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025. Die Another Day Icon

Die Another Day Icon

James Bond Icons: Die Another Day Icon

We're getting down to the wire with these James Bond icons. If I count the upcoming film, Spectre, then there are seven 007 movie titles left to iconify. I'll have to make a poster of these when I'm finished.

Today's icon represents Pierce Brosnan's last outing as James Bond. The icon itself is a play on words. Or, a play on homonyms. Dye one day, and then dye another day. Not the cleverest icon I've created, but it'll get the job done.

After I've completed the James Bond movie titles, I'll probably cycle back to a few simpler icons. Perhaps I'll finish the "fruit" series I started a couple weeks back. But after that, I'm going to try to veer back to pop culture. Creating the 007 icons has been really fun (if somewhat time consuming), and having smaller goals within the year is definitely the way to go. Last year I was always a bit limited with my icon choices because they both needed to fit within the style of Symbolicons Block, and not be duplicative of icons I had already created. Because I'm working in a new style this year, I can do anything. Which is fun! But also daunting. The year has only just started!

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