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277. Slide Icon

slide icon I had the distinct honor obligation to appear on Paul Armstrong's Pixel Recess podcast, which is now part of United Pixelworkers, who printed my Symbolicons robot shirt through their Cotton Bureau imprint. (Side note: if you're interested in the shirt being reprinted, sign up here.)

To say I had fun on the podcast would be an understatement. The episode is equal parts ridiculous, silly, absurd, self-effacing, and squirrely. (I think I made up some words in that last sentence.) Paul is hilarious, and I'm so glad we had the chance to chat. I've decided to force him to be friends with me.

Here's Paul's explanation for why I was on the show:

I first heard about Jory on Tim Smith’s podcast, The East Wing. There I learned that not only had he done work I had seen frequently but also had a background in acting (or performing or dance or theatre or the circus. I’m still partial to thinking he was in the circus). I immediately knew he would be wonderful for the show (because believe it or not, sometimes people find it very hard to just be goofy and go along with my ridiculous questions). He not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Jory is hilarious and I could have easily posted this episodes from when he answered the Skype call to when we hung up (and who knows, maybe one day I’ll do that).

In truth, I paid him a lot of money. I mean a hot truckload of cash. (The truckload of cash was hot because I accidentally set it on fire. Poor planning.)

Listen to the episode here.

Oh! Today's icon! It's a slide. Because there's a slide on Pixel Recess's (Recess'? Recesssss'ss's?) twitter avatar. So there.

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