Sensible World


203. Birdbath Icon

birdbath icon So let's say you're a bird. And you're feeling kind of thirsty. But your favorite soda shop is closed. And the bar down the street doesn't serve birds. And just as you're about to give up hope, you look down from the gust of wind you're currently riding. And you spot something below, glistening in the sunlight, like a gift from god. You flap your little wings and move in for a closer look. There, below you, is a pedestal with a bowl on top, and the bowl is full of sweet, sweet (albeit slightly mossy) water. Your feet are the first to feel it. Then it's your beak, as you dip down and take a taste. Ahhh. Crisp and refreshing. You look around. No one in sight. And so, instead of merely tasting the water, you decide to splash it all over your little, feathery body. Cool relief drips down your wings. It's delightful.

Thirst satiated, body cooled, you barely notice as the cat leaps through the air and tackles you to the ground. As the life drains from your body and you hear your own bones crunching, you wonder idly if you left the stove on.

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