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143. Grover Icon

Grover Icon

It is I, lovable, furry old Grover!

Watching Sesame Street is hands down one of my favorite childhood memories. I loved it so much, that I remember when we would go on long car rides, and I asked my mom the typical, "Are we there yet? How much longer?", she would reply by referencing episode lengths, instead of giving an actual amount of time. "We'll be there in half a Sesame Street," or "One Sesame Street." And I would hunker back and replay an entire episode in my head. These were the olden days, folks. Before iPads. The world was in black & white and I had to hike six miles to school through blindly snowstorms full of tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Wait. I mixed some metaphors there.

In any case, here's a lovable, furry old Grover icon. He's one of the few characters I can do a passable vocal imitation of. Which comes in very handy when reading "There's A Monster at the End of This Book" to my kids. My dad used to read it to me in a Grover voice, and now I read it them in a Grover voice.

And yes, before you ask, the download file contains both the colored Grover icon above, and a solid black Grover icon.

Grover and "Sesame Street" are trademarks of Sesame Workshop

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