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Icon 001. Baby New Year

001_NewYearBaby What better way to kick-off my year of icons than with Baby New Year. The baby itself is slightly derivative of a previous icon from Symbolicons, but I did make this one from scratch. And to prove it, I've made a quick time-lapse video of it's creation (see it here: Icon 001 on Vimeo). There are two versions of the icon. The one you see above with the hat, and one without. The hat version doesn't strictly stick to the proportional height & width of all the other Symbolicons icons, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a top hat to the little guy.

As with all the other icons I create during this project, these will be ultimately added in full vector-glory to Symbolicons. For now, though, you can download a few free PNGs of Baby New Year below.

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