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Icon 021. Raygun

018 This is my favorite icon yet in the year of icons project. It's a vintage raygun perfect for zapping robots and malevolent space aliens to smithereens. I had a (pulsing green laser) blast making it.

One of the challenges with this icon project, and the design of most of my Symbolicons in general, is confining each glyph into a square (they all have equal height and width). But that challenge also forces me to be creative in how I approach a symbol. In the case of this icon, I elongated the handle and made the body of the gun a bit rounder/more squat than I might otherwise have done. These changes in particular bring a uniqueness to the image, while adding personality. I love it.

And how about that awesome background image? It's a styrofoam ball solar system!

Background image by Joe Plocki, used under a Creative Commons license.

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