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Icon 035. Zombie

An icon of a zombie head. It's the first week in February. It's cold. It's (intermittently) snowy. A zombie's internal liquids have slowly frozen making them easy targets outside. But this is also a time for forward-thinking. Preparation. And honestly, where else would the internet turn for tips and advice on how to prepare for zombies than to a graphic designer's once-a-day icon project? It makes all the sense in the world.

For the next week (at least) swing by this website every day for one free icon related to the living dead and survival in a world where they're more common than something... um... incredibly common. Some will be survival-related. Some will be defense-related. Some will be loosely-related.

In any case, look out, there's a zombie behind you. Or, more accurately, there's a zombie in front of you. On your monitor. You're looking at it right now. No, not your reflection. I'm talking about the icon of the zombie at the top of this post.

Background photo by boobook48.

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