Sensible World


248. Kite Icon

kite icon The little girl looked out the window and saw leaves rustling in the wind. She grabbed her stuffed bear by it's foot and bounded down the hall, taking the corner by the stairs a bit too quickly. Her sock-clad feet bump-thumped down the treads, and for a moment she was sure a fall was coming, but was just able to reach for the newell post and keep herself upright.

Bear in hand, she raced for the kitchen door, scooping up a bundle of cloth, sticks and rope as she went. As she emerged into the bright afternoon, she felt a slight kiss of breeze on her cheeks. She jumped down the back steps, ran through the open gate in the old fence, and sprinted up the small hill behind her house.

Kneeling, she unrolled the cloth, placed the sticks and wound the rope. She licked her finger and lifted it to the sky. The damp finger immediately cooled as air rushed past. Today would be a good day for flying.

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