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198. Shutter Icon

shutter icon Today's icon is a camera shutter. It's an icon I've wanted to add to Symbolicons for quite some time. I remember having seen a tutorial on Veerle's blog on how to create a shutter shape, but I purposely avoided revisiting it until after I created this icon. It was nice to see that our techniques are along the same lines, with a few variations dealing with shapes vs. strokes.

I think the straight edges work well within the style of Symbolicons, but if you wanted to add a slight curve to them, it's fairly easy to accomplish. Simply start with a curved line, instead of straight, and rotate copies along the polygon as I've done in the video below. If enough folks express interest, I'd be happy to create a written tutorial in addition to the time-lapse video.

I'm going to do my best to create more of these time-lapse videos, and maybe even live-stream some of the icon creation process. Maybe. If I can get up the nerve.

Download 198. Shutter Icon New Icons!

[vimeo 70517211]