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223. Stick Icon

stick icon The Stick By Phoebe Raphael, Age 5 Once there was a stick. The stick was lonely. He wanted a friend. He wanted a family.

He met somebody one day. It was a slug. The slug's name was Sally. The slug thought that the stick was its home. So, Sally the slug climbed on the back of the stick.

The next day they each met somebody. It was a human. The human had a stick, too. It was a friendly stick. The stick was a girl. It didn't have a family, but it did have some friends. The girl stick had a home in a jar, and bad creatures sometimes snuck into the jar. The bad creatures sometimes tried to eat the stick. The stick would hide in one of her hiding places to keep safe.

The first stick said, "hello." And the girl stick said, "hi." She had some food to share. While the two sticks were eating, they saw a whole bunch of sticks. And they asked the bunch of sticks if they could all be a family. And they said, "yes."

Now that they had a family, they could have names. The first stick's name was George. And the girl stick's name was Jellica.

The End.

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