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Symbolicons + Symbolset = Love

The word ecstatic pretty much captures how I feel about this announcement. I partnered with the awesome folks at Symbolset to create SS Symbolicons, a brand new icon font using glyphs from Symbolicons. Icon fonts like SS Symbolicons make it incredibly easy to incorporate glyphs into your designs and to style them using CSS, meaning they’re ideal for use on websites and in app development for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Use SS Symbolicons pretty much anywhere. SS Symbolicons (and all fonts from Symbolset) are different than your typical icon font. Icons aren't mapped to specific keys, but are instead semantic and accessible. When used in modern browsers and anywhere OpenType features are supported, you have the ability to call symbols using common terms. Screen readers and search engines see words, users see symbols. It's pretty amazing. I'll give you an example.

You type "baby" and it automagically gets replaced by: baby

Needless to say, I'm psyched. Head on over to to get the new icon font. And, as always, the traditional version of the icons are available at

Oh, and P.S., this morning I drove my car to the city and filled it with gas.