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007. Goldfinger Icon

007 Goldfinger Icon

James Bond Icons: Goldfinger Icon

May I present you with a 007 Goldfinger icon? I may? Oh, good. Here you go. Consider yourself presented with one.

It only seems fitting that today's icon should relate to the world of James Bond. Last year, for icon 007, I made a tuxedo icon in reference to the world's foremost fictional super spy. (I have no clue who the world's foremost factual super spy is. I'll tell you one thing, though. If it were me, I probably wouldn't introduce myself with my actual name to everyone I meet.)

But back to the literal gold finger icon. As I was drawing it, an idea was born. A scheme was hatched. A plan was... planned.

What if, as a mini-theme this year, I try to create one simple qausi-referential icon for every single James Bond movie? If anything, it will give me an excuse to dive into my 23-film 50th anniversary boxed set of James Bond. I'm already looking forward to the icon for Moonraker.

So there. I've issued myself a challenge. It'll be fun.

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