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008. GoldenEye Icon

goldeneye icon

James Bond Icons: GoldenEye Icon

The challenge continues! Here's a GoldenEye icon as the second entry in the make-silly-icons-out-of-the-James-Bond-movie-titles project. And I ask you, how could I not follow-up yesterday's Goldfinger icon with a GoldenEye icon. I mean, I had already made the lovely little yellow sparkles.

Two icons in, and I'm having a blast. Even though, arguably, I've started with the easiest movie titles to translate into icon-form. The other icons will come, and I've just started to think about how to iconify concepts like "forever" and "never".

GoldenEye was the first James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan, and its name paid homage to Ian Fleming:

While working for British Naval Intelligence as a lieutenant commander, Ian Fleming liaised with the American OSS to monitor developments in Spain after the Spanish Civil War in an operation codenamed Operation Goldeneye. - Wikipedia

It was also an awesome video game.

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