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011. Thunderball Icon

James Bond Icons: Thunderball Icon

Another day, another icon in the James Bond icon series. Thunderball was the fourth James Bond film, and is a word that my computer auto-correct insists is thunderbolt. The process of writing this post was annoying as a result.

Now, on to the icon. Since thunder is the sound that lightning makes, a lightning bolt seemed like an appropriate choice to represent the first half of the title. I know, I know. I'm a genius.

With that decision, I was halfway done. But what to use to represent the "ball" part of Thunderball? In case you were wondering, there are a lot of different types of balls. (And yes, I realize that can be said in a juvenile way.) Early drafts of the icon used a basketball, but that made the icon too focused on the sport, and didn't relate to the movie at all. After multiple iterations, and since a portion of the movie takes place underwater, I figured going with a beach theme made sense. And what ball do you use on the beach? Thanks for asking. A beachball.

And with that, the icon was finished. And so is this post.

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