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012. Dr. No Icon


James Bond Icons: Dr. No Icon

The first James Bond film of all time, and arguably one of the best. It's certainly one of the most iconic. Speaking of iconic, the icon above is the sixth installment in James Bond icon series, as part of the Year of Icons.

I've been really enjoying sticking to a single theme. Two years ago, during the first Year of Icons, I occasionally did stretches on a certain topic (see my Star Wars icons, or my Superhero icons), but none were as fun as I've been finding this series. I think it's a combination of factors that make the James Bond icons so appealing. For starters, I love James Bond. I grew up watching James Bond. I even played James Bond during a silly video we made during my senior year in high school. And it's been a blast working in color. Single color icons can just be plain hard. The challenge is certainly rewarding, but the process is a pain.

The reverse has been true for these James Bond icons. The process has been the best part. Figuring out how to condense a movie title into a single concept has been oddly fun. A poker chip with a crown for the Casino Royale icon. A finger dipped in gold for the Goldfinger icon. And today, a stethoscope with a dash of negativity for the Dr. No icon.

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