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Even More Free Star Wars Icons

free star wars icons With my Year of Icons project over, this blog has been neglected. But that's okay. In the back of my head I always felt like I needed a little break after posting at least once every day last year.

So, to celebrate breaking the blogging fast, I thought it was time to update my free Star Wars icons. I posted a bunch last November, but have since added a few new icons. You can have them. For free.

The new set includes the following free Star Wars icons: a millennium falcon icon, a C-3PO icon, a Princess Leia icon, a Boba Fett icon, two lightsaber icons, a Death Star icon, a Darth Vader icon, an R2-D2 icon, a Storm Trooper icon, a Chewbacca icon, and the new additions for an AT-AT walker icon, an X-Wing icon, a Tie Fighter icon, an Admiral Ackbar icon, and a Yoda icon!

Delivered in an Adobe Illustrator file and a PDF.

Star Wars, and all associated characters, are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Download Free Star Wars Icons